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The New Direction

Giving the Alcoholic Person a Successful Start on the Twelve-Step Road of Recovery Since 1977
Alcohol Rehabilitation in New York
The New Direction was founded in 1977 by Matt and Margaret Batson under the premise that people who make a commitment to A.A. tend to stay sober. Since the doors of the Catskill Mountain farmhouse….

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Rebecca’s House

Hundreds of people have recovered from eating disorders at Rebecca’s House.

Eating Disorder Treatment in California
Rebecca’s House provides the most effective and long-lasting treatment for eating disorders: counseling and holistic methods combined with careful attention to medical and nutritional needs. Our treatment is tailored to the individual and will vary according to the severity of the….

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Seasons Recovery Center

(866) 780-8539
We know we can treat addiction successfully. We stand behind our treatment with this offer and we think it speaks for itself.

California Drug Rehab
At Seasons we agree with the leading scientists and doctors of the National Institute for Drug Addiction that addiction is a completely treatable chronic disease. We believe it….

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Nevada Rehab Centers for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Are you having trouble determining which drug or alcohol rehabilitation program you should attend in Nevada? We can help you find the most suitable drug rehabilitation or alcohol rehabilitation programs in Nevada, choose between the various rehab centers in Nevada and make an informed decision about your own addiction treatment so that no detail….

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